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The next round of classes begin in 2021!

The RCP Institute (previously named the Copernican Institute) is a guided journey to better health, led by Morley Robbins, creator of the Root Cause Protocol.


In this 14 week course, you will:

  • Learn the science behind the Root Cause Protocol.
  • Learn how to utilize Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), blood test results, and the client intake form.
  • Analyze real-world case studies.


Upon completion of this course, students will have learned and mastered the following:

  • An intimate knowledge of why the STOPS and STARTS are designed the way they are.
  • An understanding of the science and clinical significance of a select, few nutrients: magnesium, bioavailable copper & retinol to regulate metabolic balance.
  • A deep understanding of the roles, physiology, as well as the much-over-looked pathophysiology of excess unbound Iron (that gets stuck in the tissue, and does not appear in the blood).
  • An understanding of the chemical & metabolic source of unbound Copper, what it really represents and how it is improperly addressed by most practitioners.
  • A deeper understanding of the primal need to manage the oxygen molecule in the human body. Oxygen is the source of our energy and it is the source of our exhaust.

  • Bioavailable copper, as you will learn, has the sole ability to activate oxygen to make energy, and to deactivate oxidants to neutralize exhaust. This is the “First Principle” of Life on Planet Earth, and serves as the cornerstone of the RCP teachings…

Beyond that, the students who complete this course experience a complete transformation of understanding how periods of acute and chronic stress result in mineral dysregulation, which then causes metabolic dysfunction that causes enzymes to not work properly, which then causes symptoms to appear. There is no “medical disease,” per se, simply “stress-induced” metabolic dysfunction. Understanding these dynamics and seeing them in action via the recorded consults alters our perception of the existence of disease.


A key emphasis of the training for the Students is to learn to ask one critical question at the outset of the Consult:


When did your symptoms begin, and what stressors were you experiencing at that time?


Understanding the answer(s) to this question, and learning the Mosaic of Stress that has transformed the client, then enables the RCP Consultant to have a deeper and more engaging relationship with their client, and vice versa.


Please know, RCP Consultants are not being trained to “diagnose or treat any conditions". We are here to empower the individual to restore nutrient capacity so their body can heal itself. It is a very different paradigm of healing that supports our natural design and the tenets of Mother Nature.


That said, please rest assured that we will ensure that you have a working knowledge of the mineral testing results gained by Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and "the full monty" iron panel of blood markers. Know, however, that these tests are designed as educational aides for the client to better understand the how and where their lifetime of stress has affected their mineral status and dynamics.


There is a significant emphasis throughout this course to learn to apply the knowledge, to examine and understand case studies, and to learn how we fit within it all.

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    Who should attend?

    The course is applicable to healthcare professionals with existing credentials, as well as non-professionals who are looking to enter the health coaching arena.


    In previous years we’ve had medical doctors looking to implement RCP across their entire patient population, concerned parents wanting to implement RCP within their own family, and just about everything in between, from all over the world!


    The key requirement is that you have a passion for learning and a drive to help others.



    When does training begin?

    The course has diverse pre-recorded videos that can be accessed immediately upon sign up plus 14 weeks of “live” online sessions. We have two “study” weeks in between too, so a total length of 16 weeks from the start date.


    Next LIVE classes for Group 13 begin in 2021. You will be able to sign up and start reviewing materials and starting your studies from October 2020.


    Live classes will be delivered in an online meeting format so you can attend from anywhere in the world using your computer, tablet, or smart phone. The pre recorded videos are often accompanied by written transcripts and other supporting learning materials.


    If you would like to register an interest to join us for this training, please let us know here or sign up using the “I'm Ready!” buttons.



    Join the movement today

    Register an interest here to be updated about future intakes.

      How much does it cost?

      The RCP Institute costs are outlined below.


      For payment plan options, the first payment is due at the time of enrolment. The second payment is due 30 days after the first payment, and the third payment is due 30 days after the second payment.



      You can choose from the following payment options:

      • $2,400 as a single payment
      • $820 per month for 3 months
      • $500 per month for 5 months (this option will be closing 31st December 2020).


      RCPC Pricing (for those graduates who want to update their knowledge)

      • $500 as a single payment
      • $170 per month for 3 months

      Once you sign up, resources will be released immediately to help you get started before the live classes begin.


      What is included in the tuition fees?

      • A minimum of 10 classes of pre-recorded course material are available immediately upon signing up for the training.
      • Additional pre-requisite learning provided in the first two weeks
      • 14 sessions of weekly 2 hour online video conferences conducted by Morley Robbins with Kristan Kershaw, one of the most experienced RCP Consultants.
      • Recordings of all live sessions and related support materials available within 48 hours via an online student-only portal.
      • Access to a student-only support community (via a private Facebook group)
      • One HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) per student so they can get results for their own hair and use it in their as a part of their own case study throughout the course.
      • Access to a database of consultations to learn additional skills and further techniques to support student/graduate skill development and confidence building.
      • Access to the RCP101 video series and RCP Community membership during the tuition period for students who do not already have access.
      • 6 months of free access to the RCP Institute Full Alumni following satisfactory completion of a final exam at the completion of the course.
        • ​This includes continued access to the RCP101 video series, the RCP Community and other graduate-only ongoing professional learning and development opportunities
        • Those with a certificate of completion and who are members of the Alumni, will be able to be listed in the RCP Consultant Directory.
      • Upon graduation and conclusion of the 6 months Alumni access, you can continue membership within the Alumni and other initiatives, at a discounted rate.
      • Also upon satisfactory completion, successful students will receive a certificate attesting to their status as a graduate of the RCP Institute, may be able to register as HTMA practitioners (this is country specific).

      What does it mean to become a RCP Consultant?
      RCP Consultants are empowered to guide others in the steps of the Root Cause Protocol.


      Upon completion, you will possess the tools to educate, support and promote wellness for your clients, and be a leader in healthcare reform.


      If you’d like to join the movement, see your name in this list of RCP Institute Graduates, and be included in the RCP Consultant Directory, then please register today. You can also express an interest in getting updates on future training via this link.

      Join the movement today

      Register an interest here to be updated with details about future intakes.



      If you have any questions about the RCP Institute, please contact RCP support.

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