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Which one should I join?

This decision is up to each individual to decide where they are at with their available time, goals for current and future personal/professional development plus budget preferences. 


Some may choose the Intro Alumni if they do not have the time to join in additional learning right now, but would like to get involved with the RCP community (eg Q & As), to have access to the RCP101 videos, to use the RCPC resources included (eg A to Z of extra items) plus having their name listed on the RCP website as a RCPC. Perhaps they are option to budget on less costly option at this time.


Some may choose the Full Alumni as they want to have regular updates on Morley's research finds, would like mentoring and to up-skill in their consultation/client work skills, would like to build their business and/or to learn more practical skills. 


Can I change options?

At this time, you can sign up for either option and may change if your circumstances change.


Please note, changes to membership options are allowed a maximum of twice during any calendar year.


How much does it cost and how do I pay?

All prices are in US Dollars.


Intro Alumni is $9.97/month or $97/year.

Full Alumni is $37.50/month, $105/quarter or $390/year.


Payment is via PayPal or Credit card. Payment plans are setup automatically upon sign-up.


How do I access resources once I sign up?


All access is automatically adjusted depending on the option you choose upon sign up.


If you ever have trouble accessing areas, please contact our support team -



Join the Alumni today



If you have any questions about the RCP Institute, please contact RCP support.

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