Focus on Pregnancy

How do serotonin, iron and copper impact on a healthy baby and mother?

What’s it about?

Pregnant or know someone who is?


Want to reduce your chances of complications with pregnancy, avoid excessive hemorrhages and get the healthiest outcome for mother and baby?


Did you know that there are two copper dependent mechanisms that help us make sure we have a healthy pregnancy and healthy mother? That means, that if we don't have copper available, our body can't operate at optimum.


In this month's webinar we will be looking at why serotonin and copper are so important in pregnancy, why focusing on keeping 'iron high' during pregnancy is working against the optimal balance and and ultimately what you can do to help yourself.


As usual, we will share a few practical tips on how this connects to the RCP and overall supporting you to understand how you can best navigate the information overload whenever pregnancy is mentioned.

If this interests you, please signup for the webinar replay below.

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